Dozens of Cats Living in Hoarder House

The video below shows the horrible conditions the cats are living in. Almost 30 have been spayed or neutered however there are dozens more to be done. NJ Aid for Animals has loaned the owners traps, carriers and they have a clean recovery area for the two cats a week they are taking for standing appointments.

NJAFA needs financial help with this project. Test kits for Feline Aids and Leukemia, antibiotics, food, vet visits, supplies and urgent surgeries are needed for these poor cats suffering in this house with no air conditioning and filthy conditions.Although all of them have upper respiratory for whom NJAFA has supplied antibiotics, three of the sickest cats have been surrendered: Ma”tilt”a who has an inner ear infection and nasal polyp causing her chronic upper respiratory and difficulty breathing will require surgery; Sparkles, named so because we found her on 4th of July, she was plucked from the counter of the home (she is shown in video) after owner let her sit in the storm all weekend. She has a severe upper respiratory infection. Smokey whose eye is punctured and will need to have it removed.

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg and if help isn’t provided to these cats and the population under control, authorities will seize and euthanize all of them. This project is too large and to costly for NJAFA to do alone.Please donate if you can. Or if you would like to help with a surgery for Matilta or Smokey stop by Evesham Vet Hospital in Marlton, NJ and help us with our vet bill and our wonderful vet Dr. Charles Bell. (The spay/neuter is being donated from a local clinic through a grant)..