Want to know if celebrities are going to this event? Please welcome Ms. Philadelphia International. Jamie has a passion protecting pit bulls as well. She is a lovely young woman we met recently who is attending college to be a teacher and going on to the Ms International competition soon!
She will be one of our VIP members. If you want to become a VIP like Jamie, click on this link!


Lost No More”  - Microchip Program for NJ Aid for Animals

Camden County, NJ –   NJ Aid for Animals (NJAFA),  the leader in  innovative programs for underserved animals in Camden City, NJ has announced a new microchip program.

Dogs especially in Camden don’t just become lost.  They are abandoned or dumped. If a dog is chipped, animal control will be able to identify who the culprit was and charge them….read more

How an ordinance saved 39 pit bulls

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Most of us would like to change the world –or at least our little corner of it. For me, I want to help animals that have no voice. I became interested in township ordinances when I realized they could help further the mission of my organization, NJ Aid for Animals, Inc. (NJAFA), of preventing the exploitation and abuse of animals….click here to read full articile


Too often humane law enforcement agencies fail to pursue justice or protection for abused and neglected animals. Private citizens can pursue such cases and need not stand by idly while animals suffer. One such case occurred in W. Atco, NJ. Click here to read full story.

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