About Us

NJAFA, Inc. is a 50l(c)(3) registered not-for-profit corporation.
IRS Tax ID: 20-3772876 and Charities Registration: # CH2798900

A no kill animal protection charity striving to end the suffering of animals

Advocacy. Action. Impact

VISION STATEMENT: A world with no animal cruelty

MISSION STATEMENT: To enrich the life of every animal we touch, provide programs for domestic animals on wellness, humane education, spay and neuter with a focus on impoverished communities; report abuse and pursue justice for abused animals


  • Report animal abuse
  • Bring justice to prosecute animal abusers
  • Rescue and aid abused and abandoned animals
  • Improve quality of domestic animals’ lives residing in lower socio economic communities through vaccines, flea treatments, collars, leashes, dog houses
  • Educate owners on responsible pet ownership and provide solutions to help owner solve their pet problems
  • Offer spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation
  • Transport domestic pets from areas where individuals have no transportation to veterinarians
  • Act as first responder to aid an abused or abandoned animal with no resources
  • Refer and counsel private citizens on animal abuse and/or pet problems

MOTTO: Advocacy. Action. Impact